Romero Visionaries Presents:

Hi Romero Family and the World Wide Web,

My name is Phuong Le and I’m a Grade 12 student here Saint Oscar Romero Catholic Secondary School.

I’m writing this blog to share my passion for photography with you.

In fact, you may recognize me as the student who is always behind a camera lens. Nonetheless, I’m really excited to be sharing my work as a photographer with you and others who may be visiting this website.

I’ve recently joined Romero Visionaries, where I will be working with Vice Principal Mr. Perrotta, Media Arts & Communications Technology teacher Mr. Raterman and other like-minded students in creating content for this website and more. Importantly, this content will not only be expressive of school life but who we, the students, are as people. We have the opportunity to share our own passion and interests.

I’m so inspired by photography and the power that can live and radiate from a photo. As I like to share, “seize the opportunities that appear in front of you and capture it.” As a student in a Catholic school, my photography work really aligns with being an Effective Communicator who shares and celebrates God’s gifts in an expressive way.

Below, you’ll find two sets of photos.

On the Court: My goal with the photos was to capture smiles and joys behind the COVID masks and away from 150 minutes of class. This is lunchtime or after school fun – shooting hoops and feeling free.

Game Day: This set of photos was captured yesterday at Chaminade College School, where the Romero Raiders football team played their first game in 715 days. It was a long time coming and an afternoon of great fun.

My passion for photography began in 2019. I would capture the world around me with my iPhone as I became increasingly intrigued with the stories that photos could tell. That intrigue definitely flourished as I transitioned from an iPhone to an DSLR this past August.

In fact, a co-worker of mine at Metro encouraged me to invest not only in the camera but myself. Who would think that Daryl at Metro would be the reason I carry a DSLR with me everywhere I go? He saw my potential and gave me the boost I needed. This type of motivation can come from anyone who really understands who you are. Embrace those types of friendships. Thanks Daryl!

So, here I am.

As a Romero Visionary, I will be sharing an original photo series bi-weekly on this website. I hope you check back regularly and find my photos to be interesting.

You can follow me and my photography escapades on Twitter at: @MaiiSakurajimaa

Bye for now,