Romero Visionaries Presents…

Hello Romero Family!

My name is Melissa Andrade and I’m a Grade 10 student here at Romero.

Recently, I joined a new school club called Romero Visionaries. Moderated by our Vice Principal, Mr. Perrotta, Romero Visionaries provides students – like myself – with the opportunity to be a part of the content creation for our school’s website, share our passions, connect with special guest speakers and grow through other experiences such as the Romero exclusive, Disney Poster Design challenge for the MCU film Eternals which Mr. Raterman of the Arts Department is co-leading.

Each student who decided to join this club has their own interests and talents that they want to grow and share. For me, my passion is writing.

I’ve always been fond of writing and fell in love with words from my interests in books. As a child, I always had a book in hand and became immersed in all of the various worlds that came to life in each book I read. With these worlds, I was and continue to be deeply intrigued at a writer’s capability to create places that go beyond any figment of my imagination.

For most of my life, I found the very idea of books to be fascinating, but I only saw them as a means of enjoyment or education; not as something that I could actually create myself. This thought changed last year in Grade 9 all because of my English class.

At the time, I was working away on my final assignment for my Academic English course. The ISU for our entire class was to create a Google Slides presentation applying all of what we learnt, to a specific topic and creating our own short story inspired by Greek mythology. When I finally completed this last assignment, I realized how much fun I had during the process of developing the idea of my own short story and seeing it come to life. At that very moment, I came to the revelation that I can actually write and be like all of the other writers who were a major source of inspiration to me.

Now a couple of months later, I’m a “Visionary” who is so thrilled at the chance to share my passion with everyone at school and whomever may visit this website.

My bi-weekly column is titled “Words by Melissa.”

Basically, every other Wednesday throughout this school year, I will be writing an article of interest and/or sharing school news. From hard-hitting news, to Romero stories, to popular culture and more, “Words by Melissa” will provide me the opportunity to share stories that I find interesting, provocative and inspiring.

My first article launches Wednesday October 27.

Until Wednesday,

Melissa Andrade