The Gift of Your Best Self

As we find ourselves in the midst of Christmas break, I hope the entire Romero Family is finding the time to reflect on the true meaning of the season. I know that time is precious and thus it can be a challenge to find the solace to pause and look inward as you navigate the hectic nature of life. Perhaps, you’re a teenager working odd hours during the holidays, a parent being pulled in multiple directions or a teacher who isn’t really taking a break at all. Nonetheless, this time of year can be quite overwhelming.

This is all to say that at times we can easily lose the true meaning of Christmas. I know that I’m guilty of this. I can become consumed by the commercial aspect of the season, where no one gift is enough. With, buying for others I have to remind myself that less can be more. In fact, just yesterday, I had a conversation with my 8 yr old son, who militantly proclaimed that there weren’t enough presents under the tree. Let alone reminding him that Santa still hasn’t arrived, I went into Dad-VP lecture mode and scorned him for a shallowness I was guilty of as a child – and at times as an adult. I reminded him that, we’re so blessed to have in so many ways. I equally cautioned him that in having, it’s easy to become absorbed with wants rather than what really matters.

Thus, as Christmas Eve approaches, it’s important to remember that while your celebration maybe joyous, others may be suffering in their own way. With this, love is essential as we’re reminded that the birth of Jesus, is truly about the giving of self and not material. With his birth, we’re called to give the gift of our best selves.

Our goodness, love, potential and shared responsibility is what Christmas is truly about. It’s about who we are and the promise of who God calls us to be. As the classic Charles Dicken’s story A Christmas Carol illustrates, goodness is the greatest of all gifts. As Scrooge transforms into his truest self, he realizes that the spirit of Christmas is found everyday of the year. He is called to share his “Christmas Offering,” of being what God intends him to be. He embarks on a new journey of self and discovery.

Below I’ve shared my favourite film adaptation of Dicken’s tale of hollowness turned into warmth. As you watch, reflect on who Scrooge is and what Jesus calls him to be. Equally, reflect on your own “Christmas Offering” and how you can give the gift of goodness.

With this, I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a New Year defined by the giving of your best self.