FRAME is Now Playing Online

These words from Steven Spielberg, the legendary filmmaker responsible for cinematic classics such as Jaws, Raiders or the Lost Ark, E.T, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List, speaks to the special connection between movies and audiences. 

This special connection where story comes to life in the shared experience of the movie theatre was at the centre of Frame, a special theatrical showcase of short films produced by Saint Oscar Romero Communications Technology students and Romero Visionaries.

Held at Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale last month, the Sunday morning celebration, provided student storytellers with the opportunity to not only experience their work on the big screen, but introduce their friends and families (the custodians of newly created memories) to their ability to tell stories with purpose and meaning. With students new digital skill set projected onto the silver screen, memories were certainly “made in and from the film frame.”

With movies being the most universal of art forms, the movie theatre is truly a place where all people can come together to share thee unifying power of story. As the student filmmakers discovered, movies have the potential to shape, transform and unify, through a mosaic of visuals, music, sound effects, emotion and more. 

Mr. Raterman (Communications Technology and Romero Visionaries Co-Moderator ) and Mr. Perrotta (Romero Visionaries Co-Moderator) are so proud of all of all the student filmmakers screened.

Filmmaking is a complex process and thus all students should be incredibly proud of their work and progress.

Student Filmmakers Reflect on Frame and Their Learning

Click on the image above to watch Frame as seen at Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale