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As first teachers, parents/caring adults are vital educational partners in supporting students throughout their schooling journey. As such, connecting with students’ families in authentic ways is essential to building and sustaining a healthy and like-minded partnership that see all stakeholders fully. This includes students, families and school staff. This connection is truly important and requires intentionality.

As emotional researcher Brene Brown notes “connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.” Considering how busy school and home life can be, true connection must be fostered and cultivated so that all stakeholders can come together as a caring family, with the shared goal to support and empower students to be what God intends them to be.

In the spirit of growing a deeper connection and further building on the positive partnership between home and school, Saint Oscar Romero CSS is proud to present Log Off – Power Down, a special workshop series facilitated by Dr. Marlyn Morris, PhD. 

Log Off – Power Down will provide parents/caring adults with at-home strategies to support student academic and social-emotional learning. This includes tips to help students form a healthy relationship with school,  building a deeper understanding of social media’s impact on young people and why goal setting is essential to raising resilient children.

All Saint Oscar Romero CSS school families are invited along with TCDSB neighbouring area 2 elementary schools.

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