Since 1989, Saint Oscar Romero C.S.S. has offered a challenging academic
curriculum which provides students the necessary education required to pursue
various post-secondary pathways. In addition, we have programs for ESL students
and for those with special needs. Our school is home to vibrant co-curricular and
sport programs. Romero teams have been successful at both the TDCAA and OFSSA
levels. Developing student leaders is also a focus of the school; students have many
opportunities to develop the skills needed to leadership and success in the 21st

Saint Oscar Romero C.S.S. is also proud to offer students experiential learning experience through our STEAM, SHSM and Enriched program offerings. From Robotics to Construction Technology and learning connected to the broader community, Romero is committed to a culture of high expectation where students grow as life-long learners and active citizens.

All of this is done within a Catholic context where we strive to live our motto:
Community, Justice and Knowledge.