The Saint Oscar Romero Arts Department offers courses in Visual Arts, Drama, and Music along with Communications Technology, Media Arts, and Yearbook/Digital Photography.

For many years, the Saint Oscar Romero Christmas and Spring shows have showcased the work of our Visual Art and Communications Technology students along with the performances of our Drama and Music students, while also providing opportunity for other members of our school community to showcase their talents in front of a school and community audience.

Our Arts Department has also provided students with opportunities to share their talents with the larger community, through junior and senior school band performances, art shows, and social media showcases. In addition to the many opportunities our arts program provides for individual and group creative expression, the department also helps career and academically focused students develop their skills in preparation for the pursuit of post-secondary studies and employment in the arts.

Our knowledgeable and passionate teachers have a wealth of experience in arts education and careers and see arts education as an integral part of an enjoyable, expressive, and well-rounded education. For students who are interested in music, animation, photography, video, painting, drawing, acting, or creative expression, the Saint Oscar Romero Arts department provides a way to explore these interests while satisfying the Ontario Secondary School Diploma’s arts requirement.