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As first teachers, parents/caring adults are vital educational partners in supporting students throughout their schooling journey. As such, connecting with students’ families in authentic ways is essential to building and sustaining a healthy and like-minded partnership that see all stakeholders fully. This includes students, families and school staff. This connection is truly important and requires intentionality.

As emotional researcher Brene Brown notes “connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard and valued.” Considering how busy school and home life can be, true connection must be fostered and cultivated so that all stakeholders can come together as a caring family, with the shared goal to support and empower students to be what God intends them to be.

In the spirit of growing a deeper connection and further building on the positive partnership between home and school, Saint Oscar Romero CSS is proud to present Log Off – Power Down, a special workshop series facilitated by Dr. Marlyn Morris, PhD. 

Log Off – Power Down will provide parents/caring adults with at-home strategies to support student academic and social-emotional learning. This includes tips to help students form a healthy relationship with school,  building a deeper understanding of social media’s impact on young people and why goal setting is essential to raising resilient children.

All Saint Oscar Romero CSS school families are invited along with TCDSB neighbouring area 2 elementary schools.

Register here: Log Off – Power Down Registration Form

Special Presentation – Register Today!

With students currently working diligently on Semester 1 culminating activities and preparing for final exams, looking forward with a renewed mindset is critically important. Doing so, will provide students with the opportunity to embrace Semester 2 with the growth mindset to continuously build on their next steps and successes.  

Along with living their faith through the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, students have the opportunity to embrace Semester 2 as a new beginning full of hope and promise.

With a commitment to fully supporting student academic achievement and well-being, Saint Oscar Romero CSS invites parents and families to a special presentation about the importance of students reflecting on their successes, next steps, setting goals and fully understanding the Ontario Learning Skills as transferable life skills that will enable success in school and beyond.

This presentation is hosted by the school administration, guidance staff and featuring special guest Dr. Marlyn Morris, Phd.

Register here: https://bit.ly/3JcVV8O

FRAME is Now Playing Online

These words from Steven Spielberg, the legendary filmmaker responsible for cinematic classics such as Jaws, Raiders or the Lost Ark, E.T, Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List, speaks to the special connection between movies and audiences. 

This special connection where story comes to life in the shared experience of the movie theatre was at the centre of Frame, a special theatrical showcase of short films produced by Saint Oscar Romero Communications Technology students and Romero Visionaries.

Held at Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale last month, the Sunday morning celebration, provided student storytellers with the opportunity to not only experience their work on the big screen, but introduce their friends and families (the custodians of newly created memories) to their ability to tell stories with purpose and meaning. With students new digital skill set projected onto the silver screen, memories were certainly “made in and from the film frame.”

With movies being the most universal of art forms, the movie theatre is truly a place where all people can come together to share thee unifying power of story. As the student filmmakers discovered, movies have the potential to shape, transform and unify, through a mosaic of visuals, music, sound effects, emotion and more. 

Mr. Raterman (Communications Technology and Romero Visionaries Co-Moderator ) and Mr. Perrotta (Romero Visionaries Co-Moderator) are so proud of all of all the student filmmakers screened.

Filmmaking is a complex process and thus all students should be incredibly proud of their work and progress.

Student Filmmakers Reflect on Frame and Their Learning

Click on the image above to watch Frame as seen at Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale

Big Screen. Big Sound. Big Experience

Saint Oscar Romero CCS is incredibly excited to present a special theatrical showcase of student produced short films.

Premiering on the big screen at Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale will be a festival presentation of short films produced by Communications Technology students and members of Romero Visionaries, an after school club that highlights storytelling through digital media.

Memory, a short film produced by the Romero Visionaries will screen as part of this special event. Funded by the TCDSB Experiential Learning Project, Memory provided students with an enriched opportunity to connect and learn from a number of industry partners including acclaimed director Vincenzo Natali (In the Tall Grass, Cube), celebrated movie poster illustrator Paul Shipper and award-winning music producer Freddy Brobbey of Just Over Music Inc.

To reserve your ticket for FRAME, please click here. Tickets are $5.00 per person.

FRAME takes place on Sunday October 23 from 10:00am – 11:00am at Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale.

September & Renewed Purpose

Excitingly, the opportunity to reflect and act upon renewed purpose comes with each September and the start of a new school year. With a commitment to both community and self, Saint Oscar Romero of El Salvador reminds us that “peace is generosity. It is right and it is duty.” As such we’re all called to be caring family members and responsible citizens who understand the relevance of such duty and purpose.

A school community that holds true the generosity of peace allows for love to grow and be shared. Equally, as etched in our school crest, the mission of “community, justice and knowledge” reminds us that schooling is more than marks on a report card or “curriculum” taught in class. It’s about character, the journey of learning and who God calls us to be.

Whether it be the pursuit of academic excellence, contributing to classroom life in a positive way or thriving in sport through friendly competition, a school community that believes in peace will excel and transform in God’s likeness. 

Like Saint Oscar Romero who lived and served with humility and in pursuit of the common good, a commitment to community means being courageous, selfless, kind, honest, respectful and loving.  

Looking to self, embrace the opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn. In particular for students, believe in yourself and know that you can achieve personal success. 

Set personal goals, plan, reflect, adapt, try hard, be resilient, ask for help, have an open mind, help others, practice patience, be responsible for your actions and committed to your success. Thrive towards your personal best all while being challenged by a culture of high expectations that respects and looks to nurture your God-given potential. Equally, know you are loved and supported by a school community grounded in faith. You are not alone.

With the new school year beginning, embrace peace and the duty that comes with it. Let the life and words of Saint Oscar Romero guide you.

The Joy of Sport

In the Old Testament, Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, we learn that everything has its time. “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” As it was over 2000 years ago, or 57 years ago in 1965, the year in which The Byrds wrote a song based on this same Bible verse, we witness that the time for sports has returned to Saint Oscar Romero CSS.

Students are participating in a Spring Football League, Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field, Volleyball, Badminton, and Tennis. Coinciding with Easter that has just passed, we are truly witnessing new life within the school through sports.

According to the English proverb, April showers brings May flowers however, living in Canada, we also witnessed some snowfall in the month of April. Now in the month of May, we see Romero’s new field blossoming with the addition of new sod. As the weather gets warmer, hopefully the field, and the outdoor learning classroom, becomes a location for community formation.

Whether we gather to celebrate the Eucharist every Sunday, watch a Football or Soccer game out on the field, or cheer for our Home team in the gym, we can be reassured that the Romero is a place where being a ‘Caring Family Member,’ is deeply important.

Nick Saban is the Football Coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide. He has been quoted as saying, “Don’t ever miss the opportunity to say, “Good job”. As the Athletic Director, I would like to say, GOOD JOB! – to the Coaches and Players, to the Teachers and Students, to the Administration and Staff. Let’s keep the momentum going and make next year an even better year for Sports at Romero.


Photography By: Phoung Le (Visit Phoung on Twitter)

Robotics Team 6397 Keeps Building Success


The Romero Robotics Team #6397 has advanced and will be solely representing the TCDSB at the First Robotics Canada Provincial Championships being held this Easter weekend.

The team competed at Humber College March 5/6 and placed 2nd overall, winning silver medals and going home with huge smiles and a sense of pride! This team started with no previous knowledge and built a competitive robot that was able to collect cargo, shoot, and competitively defend. The team also competed at York University later in March, with the aim of improving the robot’s functionality and its ability to climb in advance of the provincials. The team has flourished throughout this school year with individual students learning not only about robotics but themselves. The learning has been truly transformational.

Coaches and students alike are thrilled with the team’s accomplishment, particularly given that students came to the Robotics Club this year with no prior knowledge following the pandemic lockdowns. This team of students are comprised of diverse students from across Grade 9 – 12 and significantly, are predominantly female students both handling the build and programming. The team is thrilled to see young women embracing robotics and for exemplifying the capacity of women in STEAM!

The accomplishments of Romero Robotics have been made possible by the generous support of their sponsors, Youth Culture & RBC Wealth Management, and the support of the the St. Oscar Romero school community and TCDSB. 

Congratulations to:

Noemi G.R.
Nardos S.
Emily N.
Emily S.
Rosemary S.
Ryan B.
Cameron F.P
Tiago C.M
Darwin B.
Daniel D.
Oliver M.
Justin F.
Jeremy M.
Joshua L.
Steven Rumazza
Michelle Presotto
Joe Longa
Marlon D’Addio
Marc Vittorio

Special Event: In Conversation with Erika Casupanan, the Winner of ‘Survivor 41.’

St. Oscar Romero’s IMPACT, safe schools committee is thrilled to announce a special conversation with Erica Casupanan, the winner of ‘Survivor 41.’ 

Presented as part of St. Oscar Romero’s mental health week running April 25 – 29, Erika will share her experience navigating the corporate world as a PR specialist, the realities of Survivor gameplay and what she discovered about herself on her way to winning season 41 of the mega-hit CBS reality-show. 

Importantly as being an immigrant and woman of colour, Erika will also share her personal story as a Filipino-Canadian. Through story and thriving to be responsible citizens who see fully, this evening promises to provide all participants with an opportunity to reflect on their own assumptions about gender, race and ethnicity all while feeling empowered in telling their story and embracing their identity. 

Erika will be joined by Keasha Docusin (Gr. 9), Chanelle Guddaran (Gr. 9) and Jeremy Ong (Gr. 10), Canadian-Filipino students from St. Oscar Romero who will be moderating the conversation.

St. Oscar Romero Filipino students who Excitingly, students will shape learning that is culturally relevant and responsive by connecting with Erika through shared experiences.

Register here: Finding Your Voice and Knowing Yourself

A Call to Do What is Right and Just

Recently, members of St. Oscar Romero’s student council took part in a TCDSB virtual leadership workshop. This workshop provided members with an opportunity to share with other student leaders from across the TCDSB and to further grow in our journey to do “what is right and just,” in our school community and be what God intends us to be as future Ontario catholic school graduates.

As members of St. Oscar Romero’s student council, we hold our family motto very close to our hearts. As a school family navigating all things COVID, we recognize that student council is more important than ever before. Thus, we grow as caring family members, with a deep committed to the well-being of St. Oscar Romero CSS.

For the past two years, students been thrust into a new world of schooling where learning has taken place at home, school schedules have been modified and extra curricular activities have been paused. All of these changes have not been easy for many.

As we approach the two-year mark of when Ontario schools first went virtually due to COVID, we have to recognize the toll such realities have had on students’ mental health and the well-being of all invested in schools.

It is not easy for students or staff to switch to remote learning in order to accommodate a pursuit of an education. Since this has happened, students have been feeling isolated and alone, and are not yet accustomed to being back in school. Because of this, it is important for student leaders to engage meaningful and bring some much needed joy. Over the course of the past two years, many students did not have a chance to have a full high school experience. Thus, as school leaders, it’s important that we try our best to engage in activities that will help boost self-esteem, confidence, and bring people together.

With COVID responsible activities and through positive role modelling, student council has lifted students’ spirits. Day-by-day, the goal is to restore enthusiasm and remind the St. Oscar Romero school family that through hardship rises new beginnings.

Recently, we’ve had the pleasure of offering a series of activities, raffle prizes and candy grams for the Christmas and Valentine’s seasons. Just this week, we’ve also worked to support those impacted by the crisis in Eastern Europe through fundraising. We look forward to hosting a carnival day in the Spring and hosting a number of other activities that will bring people together. With all of this, special thanks are extended to Ms. Borean, who is currently the student council staff moderator. Ms. Borean’s dedication and mentorship is much appreciated.

With all of this, all members of student council recognize that serving is a true privilege. Through student council we have the opportunity to grow and learn about ourselves and others. We all thank the school community for their trust and partnership.