The Business Studies, Computer Science & Cooperative Education Department focuses on delivering curriculum that is grounded and enlivened through real-world applications and experiences.

Our robust program bridges textbook knowledge from various Business Studies and Computer Science curricula with opportunities to bring this understanding to life in meaningful ways. Students run their ‘own businesses’ in the school through BizMart. They have the opportunity to build a robot, applying their computer programming and engineering skills in the Romero Robotics Program, where they then compete at York University and Ryerson University.

We also offer a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) in Business Studies that provides students the opportunity to “major” in Business and graduate with a red seal on their diploma. Students receive specialized certifications in Leadership, WHMIS, Service Excellence, Counterfeit Detection and CPR (to name a few) as part of the Business SHSM. Students meet Entrepreneurs, sharpen their financial literacy skills, go on field trips visiting companies and learning about manufacturing, production, marketing and sales.

Students are also offered the opportunity to travel to New York City in their senior years as part of an extra-curricular experience where they visit and learn about the relevance of Wall Street, the Financial District, and the Rockefeller Centre (amongst other sites).

In the area of Cooperative Education, our Department offers students the opportunity to accumulate high school credits through work experience, applying their classroom knowledge in a real business context across the Toronto community.

Please note: The New York City Trip is currently on hold during the pandemic.