Guidance and Career Education at Saint Oscar Romero C.C.S. embodies a holistic approach, focusing on a student’s optimal wellbeing, mentally, emotional, physically and spiritually. We encourage students to be reflective, creative and holistic thinkers. We foster life-long learning and focus on students becoming collaborative contributors and responsible citizens. Our student services department supports students in a variety of ways; transitioning through orientation, academic counselling, pathway planning, post-secondary education and social/emotional support. We use myBlueprint to support students with creating their Individual Pathway Plan IPP, essentially their educational plan.

Their plan is created using a four-step inquiry process; asking Who am I?, What are my opportunities?, Who do I want to become?, and What is my plan for achieving my goals? Students can explore their interests, plan their courses, explore post-secondary options and the world or work.

There are a variety of courses and programs we offer that enable students to explore their interests and promote student success. Our career studies program in grade 10 that all students are required to take, introduces students to possible careers and choices that lie ahead.

Our student success team provides support for all our students to reach their full potential. The team works one-on-one with students in collaboration with parents/guardians and staff to ensure students are attaining their goals and promote self advocacy. We also offer credit recovery to support students in obtaining their graduation requirements.